It’s been 10 months since my last post and a lot has changed since then. My life has completely changed and all for the better (Alhamdulliah) 

Not only do I still have a strong case of wonderlust and along with being a Muslim, I can offically add the title Mummy!!!!

I was blessed  with a beautiful baby girl 4 months ago……

As I lie in bed at 1.18am sandwiched between my 2 greatest loves, I have the sudden urge to continue my blog. As I mentioned before I started this blog mainly for myself. Anyone else willing to read was a added bonus. But now that I have my daughter I want to do this for her and any future sibilings she had 😁

I feel like I am slowly getting back to being myself and have so much that I want to tell. A lot of untold stories along with many new adventures.

So if my children are reading this in the near future, know that your mum wasn’t all that crazy!!!