As everyone starts their January diet I start feeling the holiday blues!

My annual leave for the year has started, but the company I now work for only allow for 20 days annual leave, that’s 5 days less than my last company. 5 DAYS!!!!! That’s a whole week I could have taken off. After accounting for 2 days minimum for Eid I have 18 days left, that’s nothing

Now I need to make sure our holidays don’t take too up too much annual leave and are cheap.

We have recently been saving hard so we can buy our own house, with house prices going its looking like we will never get our dream home!

But as my last post I am being optimistic, we will get our house and we will go on holidays!!

I haven’t mentioned to anyone about going away, I know our families will tut and say are you doing your meant to be saving. But I so desperately need a break, something to look forward to.

I am very lucky in some ways to live in Luton, we have our own airport, so traveling within Europe is a little easier. Easyjet, Monarch, Ryan Air and Wizz Air are a few air lines that travel from Luton airport. Here is a full list of all the airlines that fly from Luton Aiport

Having the airport so close to home is better for whoever is dropping us off, that way they do not have to take too much time out of their busy schedule to chauffeur us off to our “exotic” locations!

Recently I have found tickets to Rome, another city I will be able to tick off my list. Prices vary depending on what month you want to go, but I’ve managed to find tickets for £60 in March going there and back for 1 person. We are planning on flying out Friday afternoon and returning back late Sunday night. That gives us 2 nights and roughly 2 days to explore Rome.

For short visits like this I don’t like booking fancy 5 star hotels, I don’t see the point as we won’t be spending much time in the room. As long it is clean and there is a shower and bed I’m ok. I’ve stayed at a Premier Inn hotel before when I was staying in London and found it better than I had expected it to be.

I’ve done a quick search for the Italian version of Premier Inn, I was happy to come across Best Western, they offer budget rooms internationally. I’ve managed to find a room for £149 for our stay very close to a Metro station at Cinemusic Hotel

All together flying and staying will only cost us £269 and half a day’s annual leave, that seems like a bargain to me! All that’s left is spending money and I’m hoping to spend no more than £400 for that.

Working in finance I love keeping spreadsheets of my spending and this is defiantly the cheapest holiday I will gone on to date!

Now I just need to start planning my itinerary, fellow wanderlusts suggestions are most welcomed!