We landed after Maghrib and knew beforehand the process at Jeddah airport would be a long one. I think it took us about 6-7 hours from when we landed to when we got on the coach. We went through many security checks and were moved from once place to another, this made it feel like the time was going quicker, and at least we went stuck in once place for 6 hours! From the airport it took us 4-5 hours to get to our hotel, we had to go through a few check stops and food stops. The government provide free food packs for Hajj pilgrims, which normally consists of water, biscuits, cake and nuts. We also had to stop to get our Hajj wristbands. The wristband were to help us in case we got lost or involved in an accident. As we got to our hotel a little before Fajr, our group decided that we would rest and go to do our Umrah later that night when it had cooled down. Everyone was shattered and had no energy to do it then. We prayed Fajr had breakfast and went straight to sleep.